1-on-1 w/ Jamal King [The DECISION]

It was a little over 2 years ago that RAM Prospects introduced you to the now 6’5 c/o 2019 Shooting Guard, Jamal King. Fast forward to the present and he’s been on his fair share of ups and downs – from transferring school(s) and switching AAU teams to doubts from critics who were once his biggest fan. Now he’s landed at his final destination for last year of high school at Wayne Christian School back in his hometown of Goldsboro, NC. Under the guidance of Head Coach, Vic Young, King is already reignited and ready to continue where he left off from his last AAU Live period with Team Wall.

As King prepares for this upcoming basketball season, he wanted to make sure his mind is clear and there were no distraction as he strives to get back to form and bring wins to Wayne Christian School. With that, he has decided to verbally commit to becoming an Eagle of Winthrop University and play in the Big South Conference. RAM Prospects had an opportunity to chop it up with King to get some insight on his journey up until this point and what went into the decision to commit to Winthrop.

RAM Prospects: Personally, it’s safe to say you had a pretty rough year (on the court)… What are some of the things you’ve took from that and allowed it to make you a better player and person?

Jamal King: I had to get out of my own way and give myself to Christ, I felt like he was telling me that I can’t do everything on my own. And to get through what I did, only he could get me through it. So I learned to keep my faith in Christ no matter how things were looking.

RAM: Things started to started looking up for you during that last live period, what changed? How did you adjust your mindset?

JK: What really made that change is when I listen to the song “Blue Notes” by Meek Mill. In the song he says “take a few steps back and look at yourself…. and see how you’re playing yourself” and I realize I was playing myself by playing on the same level as everyone else and not holding myself to a higher standard. And immediately [after I heard that song] I told my self (religiously) again and again that I’m unstoppable. Then I started believing it and started to dominated.

RAM: How have you adjusted to being back home in Goldsboro and going to a new school?

JK: Being back home is great… Being able to see my mom and sister keeps me in reminder of my purpose. I’m loving my new school, my head Coach Victor Young and his family are the best part about it. My coach doesn’t focus on developing me as a better player but a better man. I lean something new about being a man everyday. They are what and who I need for my senior year.

RAM: Alright man… Let’s get to the good stuff! Big huge congrats on verbally committing to Winthrop University! Tell the people what made you choose that school?


Photo Cred: Team Wall

JK: Thanks bro. And the love I received from Winthrop was like no other. The first time I had a conversation with the Associate Head Coach [Gee], was the first time God has let me hear his own voice (metaphorically speaking). I was on the porch praying, asking God why I didn’t have the offers I wanted and Coach Gee had called my phone and we started talking, and he gave me the answers to my questions without me even talking about having offers or anything close to that. So I knew that was God speaking to me threw Coach Gee. There are a lot of other reasons but the reason of Christ was the most important to me.

RAM: What was the best part of your official visit to the school?

JK: The best part of my official visit was sitting down with the coach’s and players at dinner having conversation, it gave me the chance to pick everyone’s brain. It allowed me to see how everyone truly was.

RAM: What are they expecting you to bring to the table as both a player and a student?

JK: I’m going to be able to bring my ability to score, and bring a defensive intensity. And my leadership is always something I’d like to believe is a good quality. I won’t allow my brothers to get down on themselves and I’ll fill any role they need me to do so we can succeed as a team.

RAM: What are you expectations from the school and the coaching staff?

JK: I’m looking for the school and coaches to set me up to be in the best position for a successful and growing future. I expect them to push me as soon as I step foot on campus to be the best player and man I can be.

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