“I GOT NEXT” – Aden “Bizkit” Holloway



It isn’t too often that RAM Prospects writes about middle school players (grades 6 through 8). The reason being is the players are still very young and haven’t yet developed a full understanding of the game. While there may be some players that show more promise than others, there’s still so much uncertainty when it comes to trying to determine where their basketball skill (and knowledge) will take them. However, every now and then some kid comes along and completely tears that entire notion down and blows you away with what he can do on the court.



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Enter Aden “Bizkit” [pronounced biscuit] Holloway, a 7th grade Point Guard out of JM Alexander Middle School  (Huntersville, NC) that currently plays for CP3. Just recently watching him play in the “Battle of the Bull” in Durham, NC he put on an absolute show! From the tip-off, Holloway showed a poise and maturity beyond his years. He was immediately in control, surveying the court and making sure his teammates were in their right spots. As the game continued he showed that he’s a “lights out” shooter. What was more impressive was his understanding of how to use “pick & roll” scenarios. The CP3 team had set-plays where they would have someone set a single or a double screen for Holloway. He would then look at how the defense was playing him and make his decision based on what was being given. If the defender played up, then he would protect the ball, use the screen and if he had the room he would take the shot. If the defense closed out, then he would use his dribble to make his way to the basket or draw them in and kick the ball out to an open teammate.
Then his jumper was nothing but net almost every time he let it go. He finished the game scoring 29 points, hitting 7 three pointers! It got to the point that every time he shot it the whole gym thought it was going in – and rightfully so. Oh, and this isn’t just spot-up shooting, even though that is impressive as well. However, for Holloway, he was hitting jumpers off the dribble, contested and in stride. To throw one more factor in there, he handles the ball exceptionally well and not just for a little 7th grader.

However, there is one thing that Holloway will need to continue to improve on – I mean


Photo Cred: Unknown

come on, he can’t be that perfect as a middle schooler, right? The one thing Holloway will need to work on as he continues to mature and develop is knowing when to take over. CP3 ended up losing that game to an excellent 7th grade Red Storm team, and one of the reasons why is Holloway stopped attacking. Now he didn’t just fade into the background, he was still very much involved with the game. However, Holloway was trying to get his teammates involved. For him to be the player that becomes known as a winner, he’ll need to know when it’s time to put the team on his shoulders and carry them to victory. Apparently, it’s no easy tasks as players twice his age struggle with the same issue. However, with the type of skill, poise and passion witnessed from Holloway, it won’t be very long before he masters that skill and become not only a household name in North Carolina but maybe nationally!


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