“I GOT NOW” 1-on-1 w/ Kadin Shedrick


It wasn’t until approximately a year and a half ago that six foot ten inch, Kadin Shedrick made the decision to make the switch from baseball to basketball. While he’s still working out kinks and improving his all-around game, the Holly Springs High School (Holly Springs, NC) center is already making a name for himself, getting interests and offers from Division 1 schools.

Since he’s made a choice to be 100% dedicated to basketball, he’s already made an immediate impact on his high school team’s record. He’s helped them improve from a 3 – 22 record during the 2016 – 2017 season to a 10 – 13 record in the 2017 – 2018 season (currently 5 – 3 in the conference for 3rd place). Shedrick is also helping his team’s chance of making the state playoffs this year. To add some perspective, Holly Springs High School’s last major recruit in basketball was CJ Leslie back in 2006, and he transferred (to Word of God Christain Academy) after his freshman year.

RAM Prospects had an opportunity to speak with Shedrick after a thrilling last-second shot victory over Middle Creek High School so we could give you a chance to learn more about the new kid on the block…

RAM Prospects: What’s going on man…? Great win for you and your team! Let’s get right into it. So you’re 6’10, and up until a year ago, you played baseball. Now the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think you and baseball are Randy Johnson (NY Yankee pitcher from back in the day). So let’s set the record straight, what position did you play in baseball?

Kadin Shedrick: “I played first base.”

RAM: That’s interesting… So now the question everyone wants to know the answer to… Why did you stop playing baseball up?

KS: “Well, I grew 6 inches in a year…”

RAM: So once that happened you were like, “I want to play basketball?”…

KS: Well, I went over to Garner Roadan AAU program based in Garner, NC on the Adidas gauntlet – and they offered me an opportunity to play for them and basically suggested I drop baseball.

RAM: That makes sense… Do you miss it [baseball] at all? 

KS: Nope! It would get way too hot out there! (Laughs)

RAM: So you’re standing at six feet, ten inches… Where does the height come from in your family? 

KS: Well, my dad is about 6’5″, that’s about it; plus I got some tall relatives on my mom’s side.

RAM: Okay, let’s switch it up real quick… How are your grades? 

KS: I have a 4.35 GPA…

RAM: [Blank Stare] How’s that… How is that even possible? 

KS: I take AP classes.

RAM: Okay, talk to me about what you hope to gain? Being fundamentally “new” to the game of basketball, what are you looking to improve on? 

KS: I want to start getting better in the post. I also want to work on my outside game some as well. I feel like I’m a good shot blocker because of my length, but I want to work on my vertical.

RAM: Who are you currently working out with to help you improve in these areas?

KS: I workout with Coach G  at Garner Road.

RAM: Okay, random question for the people who want to know more about Kadin, what’s your favorite food? 

KS: Ohhhhhhhhhh… [Pauses] Lagasna.

RAM: Good choice… What’s your favorite tv show? 

KS: The Office!

RAM: Alright man… That about wraps it up. Keep doing your thing, and we’re looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you soon.

KS: Thanks!

Here are some highlights of one of  Shedrick’s many double-doubles this season….




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