1-On-1 w/ Thomas Allen [The Decision]

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All across the world, there are millions of kids who, since the day they picked up a basketball, have dreamt of nothing but being able to play on a high-major college team. Going to a big university, being well-known on campus, having access to top-notch training facilities, and playing on national television, is what it’s all about. To reach this pinnacle, you literally have to be the best of the best. Kids at a young age decide that to obtain this dream, they will put in long hours at the gym, work with trainers to continue to get better, and cast aside many things that normal kids do.

Enter Thomas Allen. A kid from Raleigh, NC and a product of the Garner Road Bull Dogs
AAU program that has been “stone cold” on the court since he could remember (read 1-on- 1 w/ Thomas “Stone Cold” Allen). Since deciding to finish out his final year of high school at Brewster Academy under Coach Jason Smith, Allen has done nothing but flourish. From leading his team to an undefeated season (31-0) to dropping 50 points in a game, to winning NEPSAC ‘Player of the Year’, it has been one heck of a season.

Today Allen has officially committed to the University of Nebraska and has taken the time to sit down with RAM Prospects to discuss his decision and some other topics….

RAM Prospects: After you got your release from North Carolina State University, you had a lot of schools coming after you. What was the deciding factor in you ultimately choosing Nebraska?

Adidas 0006-(ZF-6341-88351-1-002)Thomas Allen: The deciding factor for me was the relationship I have with Coach Miles & Coach Hunter. I’m coming in to play the point guard which was tremendous for me. They treat me like family & I feel the most comfortable with them. My family loves everything about Nebraska which is a plus for me! The opportunity I would have as a freshman was hard to pass up.

RAM: What are some of the expectations they have of you?

TA: They expect me to come in and make an impact Day 1. I feel like I can make an impact as soon as I get there.

RAM: Do you have any expectations for them?

TA: My expectations for them is to push me to the limit and help me as a develop as a person on and off the court.

RAM: What are you looking forward to the most at Nebraska?

TA: I’m looking forward to playing with some of my 919 guys. Isaac and Anton, I think that’s going to be kind of cool!

RAM: When will you be enrolling?

TA: I will start summer school in June.

“They expect me to come in and make an impact Day 1…”

RAM: Do you think moving to New Hampshire for your senior you helped you prepare for being away for college?

TA: Brewster definitely helped me prepare for college because I’m away from home and it helped me become more independent. Coming up to New Hampshire was one of the best choices I could have made.

RAM: How do you feel about the distance?

TA: Distance is nothing to me because of the move I made during my senior year. New Hampshire to Raleigh is about 14 hours. I know I’ll be okay.

RAM: The Pinnacle Bank Arena holds 15,500 fans… THAT’S CRAZY! Have you ever played in front of that many people?

TA: **Laughs** Nah never that many people. I can’t wait!

RAM: What do you think your nerves will be like for that 1st home game?

TA: 1st home game I know I’ll be nervous but as the game gets going I’ll be good.

RAM: We wish you nothing but the best Tom! You’ve earned and definitely deserve it.

TA: Thank you!

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