John Wall Holiday Invitational: Day 3


From Patrick Dorsey’s career night to Vernon Carey Jr. affirming his dominance, day 3 at the John Wall Holiday Invitational was one to watch. Here’s the recap:

Vernon Cary Jr. makes his presence known…


Vernon Cary Jr. going in for the slam!

When you first see University School’s (Florida) 2019 6’10 forward Vernon Cary Jr., it’s easy to assume that he’s a dominant force on the court. Now, that assumption could be wrong, however, once the whistle is blown and the ball goes up, Cary Jr. is every bit commanding as you can imagine, plus more. At his size and age, he has great hands, remarkable fluidity, solid strength, and elite athleticism. Cary Jr. pulls no punches in using his talent and skill, and it wasn’t much Northwood Temple (Fayetteville, NC) could do to contain his as he finished with 30 points and 10 rebounds.





Cassius Mcneilly comes alive…


Cassius Mcneilly with the fade-away!

It’s easy to place high expectations on a player when they’re listed as a top 10 member of the 2020 class in Canada. This is the case for Thornlea Secondary (Ontario, Canada) 6’5 freshman guard, Cassius Mcneilly. While he may have had a slow start in the 1st game of the John Wall Holiday Invitational, the 2nd game was where Mcneilly showed what makes him a top player in Canada. He has smooth, steady type of game that consists of sturdy handle, reliable jump shot, and an effective slasher. While he has a calm demeanor, Mcneilly is deceptively quick and evasive. This helped him drop 21 points, and 4 assist in a loss against Cary High School (Cary, NC). Mcneilly has tremendous upside and will undoubtedly be a national household name as he comes into his own!




Kevin Knox dominates….


Kevin Knox with the rim rocker!

Tampa Catholic’s (Tampa, FL) 2017 6’9 wing, Kevin Knox continues to impress at the John Wall Holiday Invitational. Knox is a match-up nightmare because he’s highly efficient in multiple categories on the offensive end. He can shoot the 3 pointers, the 15 footer, put the ball on the floor, play above the rim, plays through contact and pass the ball to the open man when he doesn’t have a good shot. Easy to understand why Knox is a top ranked player and highly sort out by colleges and university all over the country.



DeAndre Ayton shows everyone why he’s #1….


DeAnder Ayton with the slam!

After having a slow start against Northwood Temple (Fayetteville, NC), the ESPN #1 ranked 7’1 DeAndre Ayton put on a show against Cannon High School (Concord, NC). Ayton displayed skillful characteristics that allowed him to command the game. Ayton has great footwork, a soft touch around the basket, ferocious with his finishes and can knock down the outside shot. He also did great timing the opposition on the defensive end, making it hard for them to get good looks in the paint.


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