1-on- 1 w/ Thomas “Stone Cold” Allen 

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What does Thomas Allen have in common with late great comedian Rodney Dangerfield? Dangerfield was a comedian/actor in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. His show usually focused on his hardships and the lack of respect he was given, coining the phrase “I get no respect around here.” The “no respect” phrase would come to define his act in the years that followed.

What you may be asking yourselves at this point is, what does this have to do with the former Garner High C/O 2017 Point Guard, Thomas Allen – who recently announced that he will be finishing out his senior year at Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, NH). Well here’s a snippet of why:

  • 2015: As a sophomore, he helped lead Garner High School to a 4A – state championship winning the “Most Outstanding Player” award.
  • 2015: Dropped 40 points in the highly touted High School OT Holiday Invitation (Raleigh, NC).
  • 2016: Earned the “Greater Neuse Player of the Year” award as a junior.

Theses are just a few of his accomplishments and the sad thing is you’d be hard pressed to find him on any national ranking. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have cameras following him around and a new highlight mix coming out every other week. Maybe it’s because he’s more efficient than flashy. Maybe it’s because instead of doing something fancy at every turn, he rather show the mastery of his pull-up jumper. While Allen may not show off the razzle dazzle, he does show you his understanding and IQ of the game and his laser focus on winning.

Early on in his high school career, Allen played the role of shooting guard next to then Finals 0053-(ZF-6341-88351-1-003)upper class-men Julius Barnes. Once Barnes graduated, Allen moved into his natural role of point guard, along with some skepticism. However, if you’ve ever watched Allen play it would be easy to see that he not only possesses the skills to run a team, he does it extremely well. With Allen assuming the new role, he has been nothing short of sensational. Still able to put up big points, he showed that he can also command the team and make sure everyone gets involved. Although he gets little acknowlegdement in this area of his game, Allen racks up plenty of assists. To say the least, he’s transitioned into the point guard role rather nicely.

Currently, Allen holds offers from:

  • Long wood University; North Dakota University; Murray St. University; Campbell University; James Madison University; High Point University; St. Louis University; and VCU.

… And has interest from:

  • Ohio State University; North Carolina State University; Cincinnati University; and Xavier University.

Next season Allen has decided to finish out his high school career at Brewster Academy (NH). With the recent events, Allen took time to sit down and have a 1-on-1 with R.A.M. Prospects and talk about transferring, rankings, being underrated, and other topics…

R.A.M. Prospects: So let’s get straight to it, why the transfer to Brewster Academy?

Thomas Allen: I’ve decided to transfer to Brewster to prepare myself for college. I feel going there will help me on and off the court. I just wanted to get the feel of a college campus and that type of atmosphere. I just want to play with and compete against the highest level there is.

“I’m a point guard, always been one!”

R.A.M: You know the HoopState is going to miss you, right?

T.A.: Yeah I know… It feels crazy that I’m learning my state!

R.A.M.: To set the record straight, what do you consider yourself, a point guard or a shooting guard?

T.A.: I’m a point guard, always have been one! I’ve just played out of position my first 2 years at Garner, but last year I feel like I proved I’m a high level PG.

R.A.M.: How do you feel about rankings, specifically as they pertain to you? Both locally and nationally?

T.A.: I believe I’m the best player in the state and nationally… I’m not on the rankings but I will get there this summer. That’s one of my goals!

R.A.M.: Do you think your ability to be a high volume scorer overshadows the rest of your skill-sets?

Adidas 0006-(ZF-6341-88351-1-002)T.A.: I think so… People just look at the scoring and think that’s all I do, but I have way more to offer!

R.A.M.: In this year’s High School OT, you dropped a loud 40 points against Voyager Academy. Was it then that all the college coaches started coming around?

T.A.: Yes, that’s when all the coaches started to come and my recruitment really picked up. Coaches stated texting and calling me out of nowhere. It’s a great feeling when your hard work starts to show. The tournament gave me an opportunity and platform to showcase my talent!

R.A.M.: What are your thoughts when you hear, “Thomas can score, but…”? 

T.A.: I don’t like when people say that, considering I averaged 6-7 assists a game and proved that I can run a team.

R.A.M.: Has all of the interest put added pressure on you to do well in the summer, during AAU season?

T.A.: Yes, I can say it’s definitely added pressure for me to do well this spring and summer. Coaches have been telling me, “I can’t wait to see you play… I’ve been hearing a lot about you…” Right now I’ve been preparing and working out so I can have a great AAU season.

R.A.M: How long have you been playing AAU with Garner Road?

T.A.: I’m 17, sooooo about 9 years!

R.A.M.: What has playing with them for 9 years done for you in terms of you being a basketball player and an overall person? 

T.A.: Playing with Garner Road has helped me out so much throughout the years. They’ve always been here for me no matter what. At one point I had left (for a year) and came back and I got treated as if I never left. I’ve met some good people since I’ve been there. They are all dedicated to work and doing things the right way and its rubbed off on me… I’m committed to the work and enjoying the process. I love Garner Road… I was there when they had the YMCA in the middle and was sponsored by And1. So I’ve been there a while [Laughing], but that will always be home.

R.A.M.: Tell me a player that you’ve idolized or try most to mimic your game after and why?

T.A.: I’ve idolized Steve Nash… That’s the best player of all time [to me]. He knows what to do and when to do it. He’s never had a problem with leading the team. I watched Steve Nash play once and ever since then he’s been that guy! I don’t really mimic my game after him though. I don’t try to mimic anyone’s game really, I just hoop.

R.A.M.: Let’s switch it up… Tell me and the reading audience, something about Thomas Allen that people really don’t know?

T.A.: People don’t know that I really love movies… I have probably seen almost every movie there is on Netflix. Television shows too!

R.A.M.: What’s your favorite food? 

T.A.: Any type of pasta.

R.A.M.: What is your hobby outside of basketball? 

T.A.: Collecting shoes and designer clothes

R.A.M.: I truly want to thank you for taking the time to have this convo. I think I speak for the entire state of North Carolina when I say we wish you luck in your new endeavors (although you won’t need it)!




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