J.D. Lewis High School Summer League

It’s that time of year again! The J.D. Lewis High School Youth League is back for its 5th year and providing the avenue for kids to show off their skills. AAU season has finally come to an end and players, while taking a much needed break, will start to get that itch to be back on the court. That burning desire to be out on the hardwood floor and to compete will start to sink in. Kids will be wanting the chance to work on new moves and show off new abilities that they gained during the summer.

Photo taken by All-Star Prep

Michael Okauru going in for the finish!

There are many different factors that make this league special. Whether it be the longevity or the talented players that have participated, the J.D. Lewis summer league provides an affordable platform for all players to show what they’ve got. If you’re someone who wants to work on a particular part of your game – handle, decision making, shooting, etc. – this is the place to do that. If you want to refine your overall skills this is the place to do that. Not only do you get a chance to work on your game, you get to do it in a competitive environment against high-level talent.

Another intriguing aspect of this summer league is it gives the chance for players that are transitioning (from middle school to high school) to see what it will be like at the next level. More often then not, there is  “shell shock” for players when they step on the court with older guys. The sheer speed of the the game in that transition can be overwhelming and the J.D. Lewis summer league provides the opportunity to get a taste of things to come. Players are randomly placed on a team, providing a good mixture and allowing everyone to get the same experience.

Ian Boyd setting up to drive to the basket.

In addition to the experience, another one of the perks of this summer league is that it provides an opportunity for scouts to get a preview of things to come. Scouts and evaluators, such as R.A.M. Prospects & AllStar Preps, get a glimpse of potential rising stars in the area. Giving us something to look forward to for the high school season. This provides us the chance to find out more about who these players are without having to deal with some of the “red tape” that comes along with the high school season.

Lastly, the great thing about the J.D. Lewis league is that high caliber players aren’t above playing in this tournament. Some of the highly regarded kids that play (or have played) in this league are:

  • Thomas Allen – Winner & MOP of the 2015 NC State Championship
  • Jamel McAllister – Committed to Winston-Salem State University
  • Jarren McAllister – Recently offered by Virginia Tech
  • Alex Hunter – Recently offered by Manhattan College
  • Michael Okauru – Receiving heavy interest from ACC schools
  • Ian Boyd – Offers from several high-major universities
  • And many more!

Alex Hunter drawing in the defense and kicking it to the open man.

This is a tremendous way for both young and seasoned players to come and compete. With a league such as this one, it presents the possibility to not only get better, but build confidence, increase your basketball IQ, and be seen by scouts. The J.D. Lewis High School Youth League is a great forum to help kids continue to grow as basketball players in an organized setting. For many kids, this is a great chance to stay in shape for the upcoming season. Using this league as a springboard to be prepared and ready for high school play is something that can help get them ahead of the curve. Overall, it keeps the basketball lovers busy and is a great outlet to be a part of just before high school basketball kicks off. Hope to see you there!

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