Get Me Recruited: Super 60 Showdown

Get Me Recruited played host to their yearly showcase and what can only be considered the main event for high school basketball in the great state of North Carolina, the Super 60 Showdown. At Knightdale High School (Knightdale, NC), 60 of the best players from both North & South Carolina gathered in front of media and spectators to display the reason(s) why they were invited. These kids did not disappoint as they demonstrated their agility, athleticism, strength and high basketball IQ. While every single kid was extremely impressive, here are the ones that stood out.


Dondre Griffin was the star of stars at the Super 60

The host school’s very own Dondre Griffin starred in the Super 60 as he shot the lights out the duration of the event! It was apparent that the 2016, 6’4 point guard came out on a mission to solidify his elite status. From the opening tip-off Griffin came out firing. These weren’t just regular shots that he was knocking down. The majority of his baskets came from 3 to 4 feet from beyond the arch. Although official stats were not captured, it’s safe to say that out of 3 games, Griffin probably had 15 to 20 three pointers. In addition to knocking down shot after shot, he also showed off exceptional point guard skills. Griffin connected pin point passes several times with high flying teammates for the exciting finish. With his size and strength he has a nice advantage and takes his time to find the best way to optimize each offensive possession. Griffin’s play allowed him to walk away from the event with the prestigious “GMR 2015 Showout Award.” Expect a big summer from him during his AAU season with Team Felton!



Dennis Smith Jr. captured taking flight

Trinity Christian’s (Fayetteville, NC) Dennis Smith Jr., is arguably the best point guard in the country, regardless of class. Interestingly enough, carrying this kind of title comes with certain ramifications, like having a target on your back whenever you step on the court. As expected, the C/O 2016 guard welcomed all challengers and left no doubt in everyone’s mind why he’s as highly touted as he is. While he’s as exciting of a player as they come, the way he plays the game exceeds all else. Smith can break you down off the dribble, finish above the rim, or setup his teammate for the easy basket but all of this is overshadowed by his ability to play the game at his own speed. Also add in the fact that he’s expanded his game and is a major threat from the three point line. Smith has indeed morphed into a triple threat and he put it all on display at the Super 60. I think it’s safe to say that he’s going to go pretty far in the game of basketball.



Jalen Harris was spectacular during the Super 60

Jalen Harris is presumably one of the most exciting players in the state, and he showed why during the Super 60.  The C/O 2016 point guard, out of Word of God Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC), can’t help but remind you of the Detroit Piston, Brandon Jennings. He’s freakishly fast, can get up the floor in a hurry and put you on skates in the blink of an eye. Opponents always make the mistake of trotting back up the court after a made basket and Harris takes immediate advantage of this by darting down the court and converting easy layups. Harris is an offensive world-wind with handle that can put defenders in a blender, sort of like the “Tasmanian Devil.” After breaking his man down off the dribble he has the bounce to throw down monstrous dunks! Harris also displayed a consistent jumpshot throughout the event, which is something that critics have questioned. (Guess you can throw that notion out the window!) Among all his skills, the most impressive qualities in Harris’ possession are his fearlessness and competitive nature. He plays with his heart on his sleeve, a chip on his shoulder and he leaves it all on the floor.



Jordan Ratliffe put himself on the map!

Flying low under the radar was Scotland High School’s (Laurinburg, NC) Jordan Ratliffe. While you may not have heard a great deal about him prior to the Super 60, Ratliffe is perhaps one of the more efficient players in the 2016 class. To elaborate further, there’s very little wasted movement and effort on his part, both offensively and defensively. Ratliffe does a phenomenal job gauging the situation and making a sound decision based on his assessment. He doesn’t take ill-advised shots or force unnecessary passes and he’s a sound defensive player. Ratliffe has a quickness to him that allows him to blow by defenders, along with sneaky bounce enabling him to finish strong at the rim. He’s a very precise shooter who’s comfortable putting up shots anywhere on the court. Whether it’s a 3 pointer or a free throw line extended jumper, Rattlife can knock it down. In one game during the Super 60, he finished with 20 points at half time (stat captured by AllStar Prep). To help you put that in perspective, there was a 20 minute running clock and a whole line up was subbed every 5 minutes… Go ahead and ponder that for a second. With that type of productivity you can expect Ratliffe to make some noise this summer season with his AAU team, Big Shots Elite.



Malik Johnson draining a deep 3 pointer

At such an illustrious event think how tough it is for a freshman to be selected as one of the 60 kids to participate. On top of that, if you are selected as a freshman to play in the Super 60, imagine how difficult it will be for you to shine against upper classmen. Well Terry Stanford High School’s (Fayetteville, NC) Malik Johnson crushed those odds and stood out as one of the premier players regardless of class. The 6’0, C/O 2018 guard is as confident as they come. A characteristic that is much needed if you intend on standing out in this Super 60 situation. Johnson is equipped with a solid build which permits him to absorb contact while protecting the ball. He’s also quick and EXTREMELY shifty, shaking defenders left and right, easily creating a path to the basket for the lay-up. Furthermore, Johnson can jump with the best of them, as he caught a number of dunks throughout the event. He is undoubtedly a tough opponent for anyone standing opposite of him on the court, similar to the L.A. Clippers’ Nate Robinson. He also straps up on defense, solidifying his tenacity as a complete competitor. Johnson also showed flashes of his ability to knock down shots inside the arch and from the three point line. If he becomes a more accurate shooter, which I fully anticipate will happen, watch out! Johnson played a major role in helping his high school win the 2015 state championship and has now joined the newly formed AAU team, Team Wall where he will continue his rampage!



Thomas Allen showed he’s a fan of the basics

Garner High School’s Thomas Allen was one of the most prolific scorers at the Super 60. Allen is a point guard that plays at a smooth pace, constantly surveying the court and weighing his options. The 2016 point guard is even keeled and always seems to be in control – characteristics you value in your floor general. Thomas can score in a variety of ways, but his bread and butter is the “stop & pop.” He can change speeds at the drop of a hat, creating space between him and the defender, making the move so effective. It helps that Thomas has pin point accuracy on his jump shots, so you can expect 2 points from him every time he uses that move. Defensively, he has deceptively quick hands allowing him to catch his man off guard, stripping him before he realizes the ball is no longer in his possession. Thomas is a great at doing the intangibles – hustling, communicating, and leading. These are the qualities that helped his high school team win the state title and get invited to the Super 60. Expect to hear more out of Thomas during his AAU season with the Garner Road Bulldogs!


  • Edrice “Bam Bam” Adebayo, the 6’8 mammoth out of Northside High School (Pinetown, NC) proved that he is unstoppable in the paint. He threw down dunk after dunk, solidifying his status as one of the most dominate bigs in the state. Bam can put the ball on the deck and has graceful footwork. Holding offers from 8 high major D1 programs, it’s no doubt he’s as good as advertised.
Check Out Some Videos From the Super 60 Showdown:

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