J.D. Lewis High School Fall League – Week 5

Ian Boyd


For week 5 of the J.D. Lewis Youth Camp High School Fall League there was a number of players that were impressive. However, one particular player deserved a bit more consideration. This was none other than Ian Boyd

[Click Here For Highlight Video].

Boyd driving strong to the rack

The 6’4, 200lb Apex H.S. junior is a true point guard. He has the speed of a cat and the strength of a tiger – which is technically a cat, but you get the point! You don’t truly get a sense of his size until you stand right next to him. That’s when it dawns on you how colossal Boyd is.

In addition to his fortitude, Boyd’s quickness is astonishing! His hand speed (with and without the ball) is blinding. He has long arms that aid him defensively, allowing him to pick pockets, cover passing lanes, and block shots. Another attribute that Boyd has in his game is terrific ball handing. There has not been a week in this league that has gone by where he didn’t put a defender on skates with a crossover, in & out, or a hesitation move

Boyd can also play above the rim. He’s rocked the gym a number of times in this tournament with thunderous dunks. He’s also a reliable shooter who can pull up off the dribble or knock down the spot up three point shot.

Boyd at the line

With all of his talent you can imagine the surprise when it was found out that he only has one college/university showing him any interest. After leading his team to a State Championship title last year one would think he would get a little bit more attention. However, it is expected that schools will catch on quickly as Boyd continues to develop and lead his team. He is a class act and will undoubtedly make a college coach extremely happy.

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