Abraham & Sharma doing what they do best

This past week some of North Carolina’s top talented basketball players got an opportunity to work with two of the most dynamic trainers in the business. Sid Sharma of Explosive Athletes Institute and Gilbert Abraham of Akin Athletics came together to host “Explosive Warrior” training for players who are hungry to get the next level in their game!

As a basketball trainer Abraham uses a combination of a high basketball IQ, motivation, precision detail & drills, along with keen intellect to train players. Sharma, a trainer who is defined best by Dime Magazine as, “a biomechanics engineer whose methods are so unique, so inventive, so unorthodox and yet so effective that they shoot right through the collective ceiling on most trainers’ brains” [Click Here for full article]. These two put on an exceptional clinic this week which included Super 60 Showdown Alums, Dennis Smith Jr. and Dondre Griffin.

Sharma instructing Dennis Smith Jr.

For five days these trainers went to three cities (Fayetteville, Raleigh, Greensboro) where they put players through a vigorous, but insightful workout. They started with Sharma, who put his biomechanics background to use with a series of exercises to help players develop muscles that would make them more dynamic and explosive. Once the players finished in the weight room they continued their workout with Abraham, who used a number of drills to help the players focus on posture, footwork, handle and a quick release on the shot. One of the main things that Abraham stresses is game speed; helping the players understand that giving it 150% in practice and workouts translates into a more complete effort when it’s game time

The Explosive Warriors event was a great success in what it set out to do; bring in kids that are serious about getting better and giving them tools to do so. Every player that left that workout noticed the improvement in not only their bodies, but their game as well.

Dondre Griffin putting on for Sharma

Coming up as a kid with a hoop dream in the early 90s there wasn’t much access to resources to get
better. Just think, back then the internet was just starting up, there was no social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), and not many people dedicated to training players. The only thing you had was a ball and a basketball court. What Explosive Warriors showed was a revolutionary way to truly help players get better and if you missed it don’t worry, it’ll be back around in the near future!

Here’s a clip of the Explosive Warrior training:


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