J.D. Lewis High School Fall League – Week 2

If you’re a basketball fan and live in the Raleigh area, there’s no better place to be on Sunday than the J.D. Lewis Youth Center. This past Sunday kicked off week 2 of their fall high school league and the kids came to play.

Here are some of the players that stood out:

Ellerbe has a hair-trigger jump shot.

Ellerbe’s hair-trigger jump shot

When I tell you this kid can let it go in the blink of an eye, it’s no exaggeration. Garner High School’s (Garner, N.C.), Jalen Ellerbe knows how to get the ball up in a heartbeat, crippling the defense’s ability to try to defend his shot.

Ellerbe, a junior, cannot only shoot but he can flat out score. The opposing team was defenseless as he laid on an assault of moves and shots that helped lead his team to the win.

Give Ellerbe an inch and he’ll let the ball fly; usually hitting nothing but net. I expect him to continue to torch the nylon throughout the J.D. Lewis tournament!

Be on the lookout for McAllister!

McAllister using his agility to get to the lane

Mark my words, Heritage High School’s (Wake Forest, N.C.) Jarren McAllister is a name you’ll want to remember. This kid’s skill level and basketball IQ is thoroughly impressive.

McAllister, a freshman, is a multi-dimensional player who can do it all; run the floor, handle the ball, shoot the rock and get to the basket with ease.

The kid also has some bounce with him. One play, on a fast break, he caught the rebound of a missed lay-up and threw it down, catching the crowd completely off guard. As I mentioned, remember the name!

Tilley is as swift as they come.

Tilley knocking down the jump shot

You won’t find too many guards as active as Northern Durham High School’s (Durham, N.C.) Emmett Tilley. He most certainly knows how to use his quickness to be effective on the court.

Tilley, a junior, makes his presence felt on defense; staying in front of his man and making it uncomfortable to set-up the offense.

Offensively, he’s a tough match-up for any defender. Tilley has great form on his jump shot and takes advantage of his speed with the “stop and pop.” I expect to hear a lot out of Durham from this kid.

Do not sleep on Stinson!

Stinson’s picture perfect form

I did not take initial notice of the Leesville High School (Raleigh, N.C.) guard, but it didn’t take long for him to get my attention.

When Cole Stinson, a freshman, started to get the crowd into it by sinking back-to-back three’s, hitting nothing but net, I began to hear whispers of “What’s that kid’s name?”

Cole, aka “5”,  hit 6 threes for the game and left the crowd in awe of his shooting skills. His form is picture perfect and while a bit undersized, he’s a tremendous threat against any opposing team.

**Week 2 Notables:

Last week I mentioned that when Word of God freshman, Isaiah Tatum get’s going, nothing much can stop him. Well, let’s just say he totaled for 72 points this past Sunday; scoring 41 points in the second game! 41 POINTS!!!

Leesville High School’s Alex Hunter continues to show that he has more unlimited potential. Week 1 he showed off his lightening speed, week 2 he threw in his ability to knock down jump shots! The sky is the limit for this kid.

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