J.D. Lewis High School Fall League – Week 1

Last week kicked off the 2014 J.D. Lewis High School Fall League and it started off with a bang! The gym was live with talent both known and unknown. It was invigorating to see kids playing hard, showing off skills that they’ve been honing all summer long.

Week 1 was filled with notable flair from many of the players. Here are some that stood out.

Hicks can do it all.

Hicks at the free throw line

Shammond Hicks of Middle Creek High School (Raleigh, N.C.) has the potential to be a total package. Hicks can handle the rock, shoot the rock and get up over the rim to dunk the rock! Not only can he score, his eyes remain up as he constantly scans the floor looking for his teammates. Hicks, a sophomore, knows how to be effective in a combination of ways. He gets out on fast-breks, uses shifty dribble moves to get to the basket, and knows when to make the right play.

Hicks will definitely be one to watch throughout the tournament and this upcoming high school season.

Wilcox gets the job done.

Wilcox at the line

Things were looking pretty grim for Word of God’s (Raleigh, N.C.) Maurice Wilcox and his teammates as they started the game with only 4 players. This didn’t stop Wilcox, class of 2018, from putting up a 22pt game and leading his team to a victory. Surprisingly, it was his defensive effort and rebounding that lead to fast-break opportunities; which turned into easy points.

From finding cutters with no look passes to using his handle to get into the lane for lay-ups, Wilcox demonstrated leadership and poise. Expect to hear more about him in the near future.

Hunter has blinding speed.

Finally stood still long enough to snap a pic

Trying to catch a pic of Hunter is nearly impossible

Good luck trying to keep up with Leesville High School (Raleigh, N.C.) point guard Alex Hunter. This kid is a bolt of lightening from end to end.

Hunter, a sophomore, is very knowledgeable on how to use his speed. He’s not just going a thousand miles a minute; he’s under control and making good choices with the ball.

There’s not too much a defense can do to stop him when he decides to turn it on. To top it off, Hunter is a team first point guard and makes sure everyone is involved and getting touches.

Tatum can fill the scoreboard.

Tatum on his way to a 30 point game

Try if you if will, but there’s no stopping Word of God’s (Raleigh, N.C.) 2018 combo guard Isaiah Tatum from scoring the ball. Now I understand this is only fall league basketball, but please believe the competition is fierce. Also, going up against Jamel McAllister is no easy feat and Tatum dropped 30 points!!!

When Tatum gets going, there’s really not much that can stop him. He’s a deadly shooter and he knows how to use his body when he goes to the basket. I imagine there will be big things coming out of Word of God regarding this kid.

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